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Foundling are from Montreal, Canada and are now based in Berlin, Germany and tour internationally. They make eclectic indie avant-guard music.

UK Dates

Foundling will be playing 4 shows in the UK in October.

17.10 Brighton, Rose Hill. with special guests Yumi And The Weather and Linden Pomeroy
19.10 Worthing, Bar 42. with special guests Memum
21.10 Norwich, Bicycle Shop. with special guests Memum
22.10 London, Paper Dress Vintage. with special guests Memum and Songs for Walter

Watch the tour trailer ..

Live in Berlin with Timbre Timbre

A really wonderful night and show in a fuchsia glow.. Thank you to everyone who was there and to Timber Timbre for the invitation. Their show was powerful and inspiring as always, see them whenever you have the chance. We will be announcing more shows soon. 
Photo by Sabrina Gricourt. 


A serene weekend mastering session..

We had a wonderful weekend in Martin Englert's countryside mastering studio and our very happy to say that we are through the echoey canyons and have reached the pinnacle of this album. Thank you Martin for rounding this experience off so nicely. 

Fault Lines is finished. Time to celebrate. 

A Spooky Hallowe'en!

Our version of ‘Spooky’ is an homage to the playful invisible hands that slam doors in the night and the voices that keep us awake during full moons. Drawing inspiration from Percy Sledge’s version from the 1960s, we were totally inspired by the amazing strings and super funky vibes!  

Featuring Roger O'Donnell of The Cure on Fender Rhodes, Kristina Koropecki and John Corban on strings.


Ambient Teasers

While we were mixing 'Fault Lines' with the very talented Lasse Martin in Sweden, we realised that deep in the songs lay the very nuance of their ambience, and that it was a rare moment to hear those secret supporters on their own. So we decided to give these wisps their own little lives with these short test videos with footage from Berlin's natural history museum.  A series of 5 here are the first 3.. more to come.. 

Welcome to the new Foundling website..

It's Up! Finally the new site and new name. (Goodbye Feral & Stray, thank you for your stark meaning, shapely letters and connectivity of ampersand) 

We have been wandering in a seemingly long silence but really, we have been making lots of sounds, working on a new album night and day and we are almost there. Last beats being programmed and last effected ooohs and ahhhs being recorded. It's In the mixing stages, it won't be long now.

Keep up with our in the studio Blog, HERE.

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