the new home of Feral & Stray

Foundling are from Montreal, Canada and are now based in Berlin, Germany and tour internationally. They make eclectic indie avant-guard music.

FOUNDLING is an evolution of Erin Lang's musical projects 'Erin Lang & The Foundlings' and 'Feral & Stray'. These projects have been blessed with the creative input of a collective of incredibly talented collaborators. Most recently Marc Stebbing and Erin Lang have come together in Berlin, Germany, to produce the vastest and most detailed collection of songs for the new album titled 'Fault Lines'.

David Georgos is playing synths and making atmospheres, Jan Slack plays drums and percussion, Dan Pencer creates saxscapes, Kristina Koropecki and John Corban make forests of cello and horizons of violin. 

Marc Stebbing has been producing music with various bands including playing bass and composing with 'Grand Avenue' across 10 years and all of the band's 4 albums. He is a musician and producer from Copenhagen, Denmark. 

New Years, the first single from 'Fault Lines' is out now.


The second album 'Between You and the Sea' was made in Erin's birth city of Montreal, Canada. Recording in rural churches and loft studios around Montreal, the new band of foundlings used the open spaces and natural reverbs to create a haunted collection of songs. 'Between you and the Sea' was produced by Mark Lawson and features Taylor Kirk and Simon Trottier of Timber Timbre, Kristina Koropecki and Emi Honda of Elfin SaddleDavid SimardDaniel Pencer, Patrick Latreille, John Corban, Mona Varichon and Philippe Mealanson.

It was released November 2013 by Mikrokleinstgarten.

Erin's first album 'You Are Found' was made in Germany at Uphon studios and was produced by Mario ThalerRoger O'Donnell (The Cure) was the musical director of the project and the album features Martin Gretchman (Acid Pauli, Console, The Notwist) and Christoph Brandner (Lali Puna). 

Currently 'Fault Lines' is mastered and set for release. 



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