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“minimal and striking, her delicate songs created a strong reaction” - Dublin Concerts


“personal songs permeated by subtle drones of differing hues, pulled from pedal, string and autoharp, it’s certainly an impressive performance” - Golden Plec


FOUNDLING is an evolution of Erin Lang's musical projects 'Erin Lang & The Foundlings' and 'Feral & Stray'. These projects have bloomed with the creative input of a collective of talented collaborators. Most recently Marc Stebbing and Erin Lang have come together in Berlin, Germany, to produce the vastest and most detailed collection of songs for the new album titled 'Fault Lines'. To be released in Feb 2018. The first single from 'Fault Lines' is set for release in October 2017. 

Foundling's songs weave deep and delicate sentiments, tracing the edges of reality, geology and the maps in our bodies.

Live David Georgos is plays synths and creates atmospheric soundscapes while Erin floats layers of dreamy effected vocals through shimmering guitars. Deep synth bass and beats support the songs along with quirky rhythms and sounds from 80s casio keyboards and sampled percussion.  



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Lang’s previous album ‘Between You And The Sea’ was recorded while she was living in her hometown of Montreal, in a beautiful church hidden in eastern Quebec. Produced by Mark Lawson (Arcade Fire, Timber Timbre), the album features Taylor Kirk and Simon Trottier (Timber Timber) lending their deep and eerie dark-water voices and sounds. David Bryant of Godspeed You! Black Emperor mixed the albums instrumental tracks, moving them sonically through ghostly attics and rain swept prairies. 


‘Every song is an enchanting pop gem of delicate instrumentation and emotional vulnerability’ -Drowned in Sound UK


‘The spirit of authenticity and passion’ - Nothing But Hope And Passion DE


The music contains the deceleration that our everyday life seems to lack so often, its attention to detail demands to be heard again and again -Pretty in Noise DE


Lang grew up musically while living in London England and working with Roger O’Donnell (The Cure) who was the musical director of her first album, You Are Found. The album was recorded at Uphon Studios working with producer Mario Thaller (The NotwistLali Puna, Console) and Martin Gretschmann (Acid Pauli, Console).

Touring extensively in North America and Europe, Foundling has gained a reputation for moving live performances.

Foundling will be playing a selection of shows around North America and Europe in the fall and winter of 2017. 

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