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The spirit of authenticity and passion
— Nothing But Hope And Passion DE

Foundling is the evolution of Canadian born Erin Lang’s musical project that has set roots in different countries and weaves together a broad collective of musicians. Now based in Berlin, Lang is joined by Danish producer and musician Marc Stebbing, and David Georgos, an electronic ambient and soundscape artist in his own right. The group have just completed their new album Fault Lines and is booking their 2017 live schedule. 

minimal and striking, her delicate songs created a strong reaction
— Dublin Concerts

Foundling’s version of ‘Spooky’ primarily draws it's inspiration from Percy Sledge’s version from the 1960s. Released on Hallowe'en 2016.
Performed and produced by Marc Stebbing and Erin Lang.

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personal songs permeated by subtle drones of differing hues, pulled from pedal, string and autoharp, it’s certainly an impressive performance
— Golden Plec


The first single from 'Fault Lines' was released November 10th 2017. The video for New Years is a collaboration with two avant guard contemporary dancers, Emilie Morin and Danielle Denichaud filmed at the Spree Studios in Berlin Germany. 

A sampling of the songs from 'Fault Lines' to be released in February 2018. For a download of the full album contact

Nothing but Hope and Passion EP review

'a delicate selection of tender melancholic songs, full of warmth and feeling'

LP Review - Between You And The Sea 

'something to caress your ears and maybe also your heart'


Pretty in Noise LP review

'The music contains the deceleration that our everyday life seems to lack so often, its attention to detail demands to be heard again and again'


‘Every song is an enchanting pop gem of delicate instrumentation and emotional vulnerability’ 


Foundling will be playing a selection of shows around North America and Europe in the fall of 2017. 


+49 162 514 6664

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