the new home of Feral & Stray

Foundling are from Montreal, Canada and are now based in Berlin, Germany and tour internationally. They make eclectic indie avant-guard music.

From the beggining..

This album began with a series of poems, a goodbye to a city and country in a back alley lightning-storm-laden summer following a dark winter where the trees shook and boughs broke, we slipped into a far-off and dangerous reality but were brought back again. It moves through this past year and a half, spent mostly on tour in Europe, and is formed in the snippets of time snached for writing music. It lands here in Berlin for the final writing and recording. Joined by Marc, David, Jan and Kristina in the studio with their ideas, visions, voices and instruments. Here is where where we will keep the diary of some kind of process. The details ranging from the mundane and tedious to the hopefully at times profound. We will keep pics and videos along the way and release some soundbites for the interested or the passers by.. 

here we go.. 

©Founling 2016