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Foundling are from Montreal, Canada and are now based in Berlin, Germany and tour internationally. They make eclectic indie avant-guard music.

We spent some hot summer days in the studio here in Berlin with Dan Pencer turning up the heat even more with his moody airy saxophone playing (and solos! unstoppable solos!). Dan played in the Montreal lineup of the band and on the last album and so it was amazing to have him grace this one.. Here is just a tiny sample.. 


Special guests and still studio bound as summer bounds in begging at the windows and tickling the house plants… We are happy! Finishing up this cover song, waiting for my new headphones to arrive, 6 string bass on New Years and Found You, mixing Towards me and it’s all slinking slowly into shape..

Devon studio springtime... April 29th 2015

With a bit of late day gardening and pints of cider at eccentric pubs thrown in, we are back at Pear Tree Studios in Devon. To get warmed up after our little break, we dug into a cover song we have been meaning to do for a while now. Perfect in this old victorian landscape, we will also shoot a video in the next days over in the ghostly moors. But for a little audio taste, tomorrow we will post a soundclip of some creepy sexy backing vocals. stay tuned.

song: Spooky

Canadian springtime and other more tropical wanders.. April 13th 2015

So the album making gets a staggered pause as I spend a bit of much needed cat cuddle time in Canada but first Marc strides to a sunnier more southern side of the world.. With the melodies and album to-do-lists still swirling in our minds we will let ourselves be inspired for a short while.. Hands tied but minds whirring with the grey and brown roadside passing, set to burst forth into green and blossom.. 


Days passing under layers of Ooos, no Ahhs..

We have rounded off the edges of ‘All Else’ toying with the working title (it should be more epic!) and finally finalised the lyrics. Reversed the chorus cellos for the doppler effect and creating space in the echoey caves and cliffs of this song. Moving directly to ‘Fell Asleep’ (also needs a new title!) with all its layers of Ooos.. We added some creepy slide guitars and brought Kristinas musical saw takes back in and then finally some magical flute! (flute player requested to remain anonymous) making this song all the more mysterious! Also added some new classics to the ever inspiring record collection! 

Studio day (countless) Monday February 16th

Sometimes a song gives you a little hint of what it will be about, a snached lyric, reached for as a placeholder, a syllabic suggestion in the first attempt at a melody, and it sticks. Then with only these toes showing from behind the curtain it holds its breath and hides, it waits while you wrestle with the melody and rhythm, it shifts with the dust in the late afternoon sunbeams, it evades with distraction and tiptoes around when you decide to sleep on it. 

Song: All Else


Today was the puzzle of fitting an abundance of lyrics into second verse’s space, a new bass octave pedal and a vegan brunch..

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From the beggining..

This album began with a series of poems, a goodbye to a city and country in a back alley lightning-storm-laden summer following a dark winter where the trees shook and boughs broke, we slipped into a far-off and dangerous reality but were brought back again. It moves through this past year and a half, spent mostly on tour in Europe, and is formed in the snippets of time snached for writing music. It lands here in Berlin for the final writing and recording. Joined by Marc, David, Jan and Kristina in the studio with their ideas, visions, voices and instruments. Here is where where we will keep the diary of some kind of process. The details ranging from the mundane and tedious to the hopefully at times profound. We will keep pics and videos along the way and release some soundbites for the interested or the passers by.. 

here we go.. 

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