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Foundling are from Montreal, Canada and are now based in Berlin, Germany and tour internationally. They make eclectic indie avant-guard music.

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The first single from Fault Lines was released in November 2017. 

The first taste of Berlin-based Foundling‘s forthcoming album Fault Lines, ‘New Years’ is a dream pop masterpiece.
— Born Music
The sonorous percussion creates a depth and tension in the track, and the lyrics provide beautiful celestial imagery. If this first single is anything to go by, Foundling will be a surefire hit.
— Earmilk

Fault Lines is the new album from Foundling. With it’s expansive soundscapes, lush choir vocals and string sections, deep bass and broad synths, it’s indie art-pop through a dark orchestral lens. Sonically and lyrically Fault Lines traces the ridges of deep canyons and the depths of duality, explores fissures in reality and the geological time maps mirrored in our bodies.. 

Foundling began working on the album just after Erin Lang and Marc Stebbing (Grand Avenue) met at a New Years Eve party in Berlin. Erin had been touring for most of that year playing support for the Danish songstress Agnes Obel, and after Stebbing attended her show which Lang opened at the Berlin Philharmonie, the pair decided to combine forces and co-produce the new album together. 

Both Lang and Stebbing’s symbiotic contributions play strong roles in the album which thematically delves into the nature of duality. In Fault Lines, Lang’s intimate and dreamy sound, is met with Stebbing’s strong alternative pop sensibility and tendencies to dark heavy bass and rich intricate chord choices. 

The album features lush vocal layers, recalling 1930’s film music, accompanied by orchestral strings by Kristina Koropecki (Agnes Obel) and John Corban. Alongside the thread of nostalgia lies the modernity of the album in the gritty sub basses and synths. This is accentuated by electronic artist David Georgos’ (Locoto) contribution of additional synths and programming and influences of artists like Lykke Li, Fever Ray and Björk. The more mellow side of Fault Lines is inspired by 70’s RnB and the wistful soundscapes of Vincent Gallo and ‘World of Echo’ era Arthur Russell. 


Working together in Stebbing’s studio in Berlin and the countryside residential studio in Devon, England where Erin made her first album, the different spaces provided atmospheric counterpoint, Berlin bringing a dark intensity to songs like the tracks ‘Fault Lines’ and ‘New Years’ and England being the home of the ambient instrumentals and the wandering Rhodes that weave the album together.  


Fault Lines was mixed by Lasse Martin (Lykke Li, Jonsi, Primal Scream) in Sweden, and mastered by Martin Englert in Germany.


Foundling is the evolution of Canadian born Erin Lang’s musical project that has set roots in different countries and weaves together a broad collective of musicians. Now based in Berlin, Lang is joined by Danish producer and musician Marc Stebbing, and David Georgos, an electronic ambient and soundscape artist in his own right. The group have just completed their new album Fault Lines and is booking their 2018 live schedule. 

minimal and striking, her delicate songs created a strong reaction
— Live review from Dublin Concerts


The first single from 'Fault Lines' was released November 10th 2017. It was premiered by Nothing But Hope And Passion.

The new music [of Foundling] marks a defining step forward into the future and the new single New Years is the wonderful proof for that.
— Nothing But Hope and Passion

The video for New Years is a collaboration with two avant guard contemporary dancers, Emilie Morin and Danielle Denichaud filmed at the Spree Studios in Berlin Germany.

personal songs permeated by subtle drones of differing hues, pulled from pedal, string and autoharp, it’s certainly an impressive performance
— Live review from Golden Plec

Praise for Foundlig's previous releases

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'a delicate selection of tender melancholic songs, full of warmth and feeling'

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'something to caress your ears and maybe also your heart'


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'The music contains the deceleration that our everyday life seems to lack so often, its attention to detail demands to be heard again and again'


‘Every song is an enchanting pop gem of delicate instrumentation and emotional vulnerability’ 


Foundling will be playing a selection of shows around North America and Europe in the fall of 2017. 


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